Lack of Progress Could End Standardized Tests

When the STAAR test was implemented, many believed it would show the same positive results as the TAKS test.

The TAKS test was a standardized test that was given out to students before the STAAR test was implemented. STAAR was supposed to be the new and improved version of standardized testing in Texas, but the results have not met those expectations.

Progress has not been made in STAAR scores.
Progress has not been made in STAAR scores.

STAAR was a hot topic in candidate debates leading up to last weeks election. One candidate even referred to the test as “useless.”

Newly elected governor Greg Abbott said STAAR may not be the right way to judge students progress in the classroom.

“We may have a broken thermometer, the STAAR test, that is no longer doing a good job of measuring,” Abbott said.

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-Cody Empkey