Standardized tests can help prepare students

In order to gain admission to most universities, you must first achieve a certain grade on the SAT or ACT. These standardized tests are used to help show colleges where a student is academically.

Taking a pre-test such as the PSAT can be helpful.
Taking a pre-test such as the PSAT can be helpful.

I am not a good test taker, but I believe that the SAT helped prepare me more than any other state mandated test I took at any level.

During my junior year of high school, my school set aside a day so that we could take the PSAT. This test was meant to prepare us for the SAT. Unlike taking multiple days of class time to prepare for a test, I think that taking this pre-test helped show me what I needed to prepare for.

Like a test such as the STAAR, the SAT and ACT also have an impact on a students future. It can determine whether a student gets into their dream school or whether they need to start looking at other schools.

The reason I think the SAT helped prepare me, is because of how I approached it. I probably spent more time preparing for that test than any other test I have taken in my entire life, including college. I understood the importance of the test, and I took it very seriously.

The SAT also made me think more than any other mandated test. I really had to think about abstract questions. I also think it helped prepare me for the types of tests I would be taking in college.

Maybe these standardized tests are not too bad after all.